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Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist

COVID-19 introduced unique IT security challenges in several organizations. Some of the reasons are remote work, layoffs, shortage for high bandwidth and lack of automation.

I’m afraid that the industry will see a new legacy systems era for few years from now just like the one we saw after the financial collapse in 2008. It may exist in the Cloud this time.

DevSecOps will become a key focus area on every CIO’s table and the new CKS (Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist) certification from CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) will be the most sought after.

Kubernetes is one of the prime tools that will speed up and host automation. It will make businesses competitive and enhance ITIL processes. Therefore, it is very important to develop and nurture skill sets in the Containers/Kubernetes domain to build a sustainable secured automation process.

The new CKS exam will be published at the Kubecon event between November 17 and 20 and I have summarized the exam information in the following table. Note, the exam details are in beta state and I will publish a new CKS article sometime at the end of November.

This certification focuses more on Microservices Security, Containers Security, Monitoring and Logging.

It is evident that CNCF community wants you to enhance your skills on Kubernetes Security. CNCF gets numerous feedbacks from users on how to enhance their practices and the new CKS exam is reflective of the same.

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